(by Spatula)

Adrian Toomes [secret]

Toomes first appeared in the media after robbing a bank. Within two days of this incident, however, Spider-Man attacked Vulture when Vulture was flying around the city. This was not a chance occurrence--Spider-man had gone out looking for him. However Spider-man at this time had not been a super-hero for more than a month and was very inexperienced. Vulture quickly defeated him and Spider-man barely made it away alive. Vulture then decided to prove his abilities and gain recognition in the criminal community by actually warning the police of his intentions to rob an armored car containing jewels before he committed the crime. Since the police expected Vulture to come from the air they were taken by surprise when he jumped out of a manhole. Vulture took the jewels and got away without a fight. Vulture had gotten cocky, though, and once again flew around the city in broad daylight in the same area where Spider-man prowled. Spider-man attacked him, but this time he had a device of his own invention that neutralized Vulture's harness. Spider-man then turned Vulture over to the authorities. In less than two months, though, Vulture managed to escape, mostly using tools in the prison shop in order to build a make-shift harness. Vulture returned to an abandoned silo where he sometimes lived and he held several real harnesses. After a few days, he resumed life as a thief. After only a few days, though, Spider-man once again approached him. Vulture had, however, rebuilt his harness to stop Spider-man from negating it. Vulture broke Spider-man's arm and stunned him, then hurriedly left before the police could arrive. Vulture's success was short lived. Spider-man practiced his skills and challenged him again, this time being successful. Spider-man went on to being one of New York's greatest heroes, and Vulture went back to jail.


Solo D8, Buddy D4, Team D6


Flying Criminal, Middle-Aged, Talented Inventor

Power SetsEdit


Enhanced Reflexes D8, Enhanced Strength D8, Subsonic Flight D8

SFX: Aerial Combat. When creating flight-based complications on a target, add a D6 and step up your effect die.

SFX: Silent and Swift. When including a Electromagnetic Wing Harness power in an action or reaction to avoid electronic detection or tracking, step up or double Covert Expert. Spend a doom die to do both.

Limit: Anti-Magnetism. Shutdown Electromagnetic Flight Harness in response to anti-magnetic disruption and add D6 to the doom pool. Recover during a Transition Scene.


Covert Expert D8, Crime Expert D8, Tech Expert D8

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