U.S.S. Thunderbolt Air Destroyer


Originally commissioned by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, the Thunderbolt was created by the air force to act as a mobile base for Ross in his attempts to hunt down the Hulk. Following Ross's transformation into the Red Hulk, and Red Hulk's destruction of a Ross LMD (making it appear Red Hulk was responsible for Ross's death), his protege, Reggie Fortean took control of the Thunderbolt, and used it to track the Red Hulk down, seeking revenge for Ross's seeming death.

Affiliations: Solo 4D10, Buddy 3D8, Team 2D6

Distinctions: Hulk-Hunter, Mobile Command Center, Flying Fortress

Power Sets:


Comand Center D8, Reinforced Fuselage D10, Sensors D10, Subsonic Flight D8, Weapon Batteries D10

SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.

SFX: Fleet Formation. Only uses Buddy or Team Affiliation if in formation with other Air Destroyers. Otherwise, always uses Solo.

SFX: Fortified Hull. Until Reinforced Fuselage has been shutdown, spend 1 PP/a doom die to cancel an effect die of the same size targeting a Air Destroyer Arsenal trait.

SFX: Hulkbuster Missile. Against a single target. Roll Weapon Batteries + doom pool as an attack action, use three dice for your total and step up your effect die. Shutdown this SFX. Recover during a Transition Scene.

SFX: Hulkbuster Reinforcements. Until Comand Center has been shutdown, spend 1 PP/a doom die to add more agents to the Scene, adding 2D6 Team affiliation die to a Hulkbuster Agent Squad. Spend 1 PP/D10 doom to add another Hulkbuster Agent Squad.

SFX: Satellite Tracking. Use an effect die to create a Target Lock complication on a Gamma-based target during a Scene. You may track that target anywhere until the complication is removed or Comm is shut down.

Limit: Large Scale Threat. Defeat an Affiliation die for each D12 physical stress effect die applied to U.S.S. Thunderbolt Air Destroyer or step back a power trait for each D8 applied.

Specialties: Combat Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8

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