Thor's Chariot

When Thor has to transport companions and/or objects to a destination by himself, he has a chariot drawn by two huge mystical goats called Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder that can fly nearly anywhere he desires almost as easily as with Mjolnir.

Ram D8, Space Flight D10, Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Speed D10

SFX: Reformation. Spend 1 PP to recover Thor's Chariot's physical stress and step back Thor's Chariot's physical trauma.

SFX: Save Inside. Physical stress received by a character inside the vehicle may be shifted to physical stress for the vehicle.

SFX: Tag Along. Spend 1 PP point to remove you and one other character from the Scene.

SFX: Toothgnasher & Toothgrinder. Spend 1 PP to activate the following features for the rest of the scene. Thor's Chariot gains a Buddy D8 Affiliation die, and the Distinctions "Asgardian Goats", "Stubborn and Strong" and "Thundering Hooves".

Limit: Vehicle. Thor's Chariot has its own physical stress track. If it becomes stressed out shut down Thor's Chariot. Shutdown Thor's Chariot and gain 1 PP. Take a recovery action against the doom pool to reactivate Thor's Chariot.

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