Spider-Man 2099Edit

by wyze2099

Miguel O'Hara (Secret)


Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Edit

World's Greatest Brain, Public Eye's Most Wanted, The Harbinger of Thor



superhuman reflexes d10 superhuman strength d10 enhanced senses d8 enhanced stamina d8 enhanced speed (wallcrawling) d8 swingline d8

SFX: Accelerated Vision. Spend 1 PP on SUPERHUMAN SENSES to notice something from a great distance or moving faster than normal human vision could track.

SFX: Spider Talons. Add a d6 to ENHANCED SPEED (WALLCRAWLING) dice pool for an attack action, and step back highest dice in pool by -1. Step up Stress Type inflicted by +1.

SFX: Venomous Bite. (Claws & Fangs + Afflict).

SFX: Webbing Grapple. Add d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when ensnaring a target with web-fluid.

Limit: Exhausted. Shut down ARACHNID GENOME to gain 1 PP. Recover power during a Transition Scene (prefereably by eating).


superhuman durability d10 (Unstable Molecular Fabric) flight d6 (Lite-Byte Cloth glider cape)

SFX: Costume Regeneration. UMF costume regenerates itself slowly over a period of time, treated as ENHANCED STAMINA d8.

Limit: Not Impact-Resistant. Projectiles cannot penetrate UMF costume, but the impacts from them can still cause damage to the wearer. Step down SUPERHUMAN DURABILITY -1.

Limit: Not to Be Used as a Propulsion Device. Cape can only glide on air currents; it cannot fly and is only useful in the presence of a strong-enough wind to lift the wearer's body.


Science master d10   Tech expert d8   Business expert d8 


The Most Obnoxious Ghost That Ever Was

1 XP To get into conflict with a member of your supporting cast, preferably a snark-battle.

3 XP To make an ethical decision (ethical or personal) that goes against the grain of society's corporate structure.

10 XP To make a decision (see above) that endangers your life, saves someone else's life, or both.

Through Spider-Man's Eyes

1 XP When you perform a public action as Spider-Man

3 XP When you take steps to protect your secret identity.

10 XP When you are confronted with the dilemma of where Miguel O'Hara ends and the Spider-Man persona begins.

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