Sarcee container

An earthen jar, which acts as a mystical container devised by the ancient shamans of the Sarcee First Nation to hold and conserve dangerous or precious spiritual beings. One of these containers held the spirit of one of the Beasts of Antiquity and was hidden in a Sarcee cave. This container was accidentally opened by a grizzly bear, freeing the spirit until Shaman once again sealed the Beast's soul.


Spirit Control D8

SFX: Seal Spirit. When trying to inflict an Entrapped complication on a spiritual being, add a D6 and step up your effect die. If successful, you may spend 1 PP to add your total to any further attempts to remove the complication.

Limit: Broken Seal. The container may be opened by a living being to release any eventually entrapped spiritual being from it. If you do gain 1 PP (for player characters), or add a D6 to the doom pool (for Watcher characters). If the container becomes damaged or destroyed, shut down Sarcee Soul Container and free any eventually entrapped spiritual being. A Sarcee Soul Container can keep only one spiritual being entrapped at a time.

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