Name :


Affiliation :

Solo D4, Buddy : D6, Team : D8


Strange acting

Has to tame

Wild is my kingdom


Animal Kingdom

Summon Annimal D10, Animal Control D10

SFX : Summon T-rex. Use a D12 doom pool for teleport a T-rex at your side.

Limit : Gear/Pip. Shutdown Summon Annimal and earn a D6. Recover the power by activated an opposition or during transition scene.

Limit : Mutant. Earn a D6 when affected by mutant-specifict milestone and tech.


Claw D8, Fly D10

SFX : Aim for the eyes. Add D6 and keep a effect for each additional target.

Horde 66666


Music Master D10, First Aid Animan Expert D8

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