Mister ChambersEdit


Little is known about Mr. Chambers apart from the fact he works for the assassin Arcade alongside Miss Locke. Mr. Chambers apparently speaks with a Scottish accent. Mr. Chambers largely seems to act as technical support for Arcade, and helps with the repair and design of Murderworld, but he also performs other duties when needed, like driving the converted garbage truck used to kidnap Arcade's intended victims. Mr. Chambers is skilled in building and repairing complex electronic, holographic and animatronic systems.


Solo: D8, Buddy: D6, Team: D4


Arcade's Henchman, Capture Target, Murderworld Tech Support


Tech Support

SFX: Constructor. When using Tech or Vehicle Expert to create an asset or resource, add a D6 and step up your effect die.

SFX: Motorist. Spend a D6 doom die to double Vehicle Expert for one action.

SFX: Quick Fix. Spend a D6 doom die to reactivate a shutdowned tech-based power, or recover stress from a vehicle.


Covert Expert D8, Tech Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8

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