Magical Coins

Shaman once pulled seven gold coins with the faces of Alpha Flight on them from his medicine pouch to help Sasquatch save Flashback from a future death. When activated they turn into the members of Alpha Flight from the past. Members are taken from the past during the Roxxon confrontation, a time before many of the members gained their strength increases. A magical coin exist for each one of Aurora, Guardian, Marrina, Norhstar, Shaman, Snowbird and Puck. The time-displaced members of the team can help out for a short while, but have to return to their original timeline after a few hours, where they cannot remember the events they have witnessed in the future, as to mess as little with the flow of time as possible.


SFX: Time Displacement. Spend 1 PP to activate one of the seven coins and summon a temporal copy of one of the original Alpha Flight members to your location. Shut down the coin. Take a Sorcery power action with a D10 or greater effect die against the doom pool to recover the coin.

Limit: Borrowed Time. At the end of the next transition scene the summoned character is returned to his or her original timeline. You cannot activate a magical coin to summon a temporal copy of yourself. Alpha Flight members and their temporal copies cannot appear in the same scene.

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