Leapfrog large

THE LEAPFROG After the Pride was destroyed by the Gibborim, control of the Leapfrog rested with Chase Stein and has since been used as the primary mode of transportation for the Runaways. Leapfrog contains lasers which can be shot, with two settings: stun, and kill. The Leapfrog doesn't actually fly, it "jumps" forwards to move. The A.I. unit and Molly Hayes have since become "friends."

Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Strength D8, Invisibility D8, Lasers D8, Leaping D10

SFX: A.I. Unit. Spend 1 PP to activate the following features for the rest of the scene. Blackbird gains a Solo D8 Affiliation die, and the Distinctions "A.I. Autopilot" and "Pride Tech".

SFX: Boost. Shutdown your highest-rated Leapfrog power to step up another Leapfrog power. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover the power.

SFX: Room for Everybody! Spend 1 PP point to remove you and one other character from the Scene. Other characters may tag along for 1 PP from each of them.

SFX: Save Inside. Physical stress received by a character inside the vehicle may be shifted to physical stress for the vehicle.

Limit: Vehicle. Leapfrog has its own physical stress track. If it becomes stressed out shut down Leapfrog. Shutdown Leapfrog and gain 1 PP. Take a recovery action against the doom pool to reactivate Leapfrog.

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