Great Key

An item pulled from Shaman's Pouch that emits a bright light. Shaman used this at the Eye of the World and by means of this staff Shaman teleported various people to the Realm of the Beasts.


Teleport D8

SFX: Summon Great Beast or Northern God. By spending 1 PP (for player characters) or a D12 from the doom pool (for Watcher characters) at the Eye of the World, summon an earthly avatar of one of the Great Beasts or Northern Gods to the location of the character.

SFX: Teleport Other. When using the Teleport power on multiple targets, for each additional target add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.

Limit: Open the Eye. Teleport is only usable to transport characters into or out of the Paradise of the Northern Gods or the Realm of the Great Beast from and to the Eye of the World and requires 1 PP (for player characters) or a die from the doom pool (for Watcher characters).

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