Frankenstein's Monster

Elias [public]

Affiliations Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions Grotesque Appearance, Monstrous Rage, Restless Wanderer

Power Sets


Godlike Stamina D12, Godlike Strength D12, Leaping D6, Superhuman Durability D10

SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.

SFX: Grappling. When inflicting a restraining- or immobilization- type complication on a target, add a D6 and step up the effect die.

SFX: Immortal. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications caused by aging, disease, fatigue, poison, radiation, or vacuum.

SFX: Invulnerability. Spend a doom die to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by energy-based or mystical attacks.

SFX: Outraged. Add a die equal to your emotional stress to the doom pool to step up or double Godlike Strength for your next action.

SFX: Regeneration. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma.

Limit: Fear of Fire. When attacked or confronted by a fire-based effect step up emotional stress and gain 1 PP.

Limit: World-weary. Step up emotional stress taken from betrayal, guilt, loss, tragedy, or the suffering of those you have sworn to protect to gain 1 PP.

Specialties Combat Master D10, Menace Master D10, Mystic Expert D8, Wilderness Expert D8



1 XP - When you spend a transition scene pondering your artificial existence.

3 XP - When you forge a true bond with a human, despite your grotesque appearance.

10 XP - When you find solace in living a human life, or decide that you are nothing but a monster and try to end your existence.


1 XP - When you inquire information about the Frankenstein family.

3 XP - When you encounter a member of the Frankenstein family.

10 XP - When you kill a member of the Frankenstein family, or spare his life and convince him to ease your tormented existence.

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