• Solo - D10

Buddy - D8
Team - D6

Sorcerer Supreme
These Useless Hands
Arrogant and Aloof

Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos
Sorcery D12
Mystic Blast D10
SFX - Area Attack
SFX - Constructs
SFX - Versatile (Sorcery)
Limit - Exhausted

Powerful Artifacts
Eye of Agamotto d10 (Telepathy)
Orb of Agamotto d12 (Clairvoyance)
Cloak of Levitation d10 (Flight and Mystic Resistance)
SFX - Dimensional Portal (spend 1PP to open a portal to another dimension)
SFX - Immunity (Mystic)
SFX - Multipower
Limit - Gear (must shutdown all powers associated with an artifact not just one of them)

Cosmic Master
Medical Expert
Menace Expert
Mystic Master

Defender of the Realm of Earth
1 - When you investigate a threat to the Earth dimension
3 - When you successfully eliminate a threat by targeting it with your Cosmic or Mystic specialties.
10 - When you choose to betray your allies to defeat an extra-dimensional threat or when you abandon your duty to defend the Earth dimension

Reclusive Wizard
1 - When you first use your Mystic Specialty and succeed
3 - When you refuse to use your powers when asked to intervene by another hero
10 - When you abandon the outside world entirely to take advantage of a once in a lifetime mystical event or when you let a once in a lifetime

event pass you by to aid your allies.

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