Affiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: Space Pirate, Swashbuckling Summers, Test Pilot



Blaster D8, Sword D10

Limit: Gear - Shutdown Weapon to step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a d6 doom die. Spend a doom die to recover that power.

Swashbuckling Space Pirate

Enhances Reflexes D8, Enhanced Durability D8

SFX: Second Wind - Before making an action including a Swashbuckling Space Pirate power, spend a doom die the same size or larger than current physical stress to recover it and step up the Swashbuckling Space Pirate power for this action.

Limit: Conscious Activation - While stressed out, asleep or unconscious, shutdown Swashbuckling Space Pirate. Recover Swashbuckling Space Pirate when you recover that stress or wake up. If you take physical trauma, shutdown Swashbuckling Space Pirate until you recover that trauma.

Specialties: Acrobatic Expert D8, Combat Master D10, Crime Master D10, Vehicles Master D10

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