Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10
451px-Colossus (Earth-1002)


Man's Best Friend, Russian Barnyard Dog, Barkink up Many Trees


Organic Steel FormEdit

Godlike Durability d12, Superhuman Stamina d10, Godlike Strength d12 SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.

SFX: Invulnerability. Spend 1 pp to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by electromagnetic attacks.

SFX: Take the Hit. Spend 1 pp to take physical stress intended for an ally or friend nearby.

Limit: Conscious Activation. While stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shutdown Organic Steel Form. Recover Organic Steel Form when you recover that stress or wake up. If you take physical trauma, shutdown Organic Steel Form until you recover that trauma.

Limit: Heavy Metal. When attacked by magnetism, Anti-Metal, or when submerged in water, change any Organic Steel Form power into a complication and gain 1 pp.

Limit: Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.

Canine PhysiologyEdit

Bite d10, Enhances Senses d8, Enhanced Speed d8

Limit: Easily Distracted - Step up the effect die of complications related to being distracted and gain 1 PP.

Specialties: Combat Expert d8, Menace Master d10, Psych Master d10

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