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Dr. Robert Bruce Banner


Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6


Don’t Make Me Angry, Sarcastic Genius

Power SetsEdit


Comm D8, Enhanced Intellect D8, Godlike Durability D12, Old Power Blast D8, Teleport D8

SFX: Expanded Force Field. Spend 1 PP/a doom die to add Godlike Durability to another character’s dice pool before rolling. If that character takes physical stress, take D6 emotional stress.

SFX: Gamma Absorption. On a successful reaction against a gamma- or Oldstrong-based attack action, convert opponent’s effect die into a Bannertech stunt or step up a Bannertech power until used in an action. If opponent’s action succeeds, spend 1 PP/a doom die to use this SFX.

SFX: Power Transfer. Step back Godlike Durability to add Superhuman Strength D10 to your next roll. Recover power in the following turn.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown any Bannertech power to gain 1 PP/add a D6 doom die, or step up the lowest die in the doom pool. Activate an opportunity to recover.

Limit: Keyed Teleportation. Teleport can only be used to create assets or resources, or transport yourself to one of Bruce Banner’s labs.


Cosmic Expert D8, Covert Expert D8, Medical Master D10, Science Master D10, Tech Master D10


1 XP When you

3 XP When you

10 XP When you

1 XP When you

3 XP When you

10 XP When you

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