Baron BloodEdit

John Falsworth [secret]

(by Spatula )

Affiliations Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Distinctions Bloodsucking Undead, Family Issues, Royal Traitor

Vampire Spawn of Dracula Enhanced Durability d8, Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Speed d8, Superhuman Stamina d10, Superhuman Strength d10

SFX: Ageless. Spend a doom die to ignore the effects of aging, disease, or poison.

SFX: Berserk. Add a doom die to your next attack action. After your action, step back the doom die and return it to the doom pool.

SFX: Bloodsucker. When attacking a restrained or helpless target, add a d6 to your pool and keep an extra effect die to recover your physical stress.

Limit: Hunger. Turn a Vampire Spawn of Dracula power into a complication to add or step up a doom die.

Limit: Vampire Weaknesses. Step up stress and complications inflicted by silver, religious icons, or wooden stakes to add or step up a doom die. If physically stressed out by an attack using a wooden or silver stake, immediately take d12 physical trauma.

Master of the Night Animal Control d8, Enhanced Senses d8, Mind Control d8, Subsonic Flight d8, Weather Mastery d10

SFX: Dark Magics. Step up or double a Master of the Night die for one action. If the action fails, remove a doom die equal to the power's normal rating.

Limit: Children of the Night. Animal Control is limited to bats, rats, and wolves.

Specialties Business Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Covert Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Mystic Expert d8

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