Aragorn is a winged horse ridden by Brunnhilde the Valkyrie and previously owned and ridden by Dr. Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. Whitman was the nephew of Professor Nathan Garrett, who had adopted the guise of the earlier, criminal Black Knight. In this role, Garrett had ridden a horse whom he had mutated using genetic engineering techniques that he had developed. The artificial mutations gave the horse the large feathered wings and other special adaptations which enabled him to fly. Garrett, dying from injuries he had suffered in battle, persuaded Whitman to vow to use the scientific discoveries he had used as the criminal Black Knight for good. Whitman decided to do so by becoming a new, heroic Black Knight. In pursuit of this goal, Whitman used Garrett's genetic techniques to mutate another horse, whom he named Aragorn, into a flying steed. When the new Black Knight left his own time for a temporary stay in the Twelfth Century A.D., he entrusted Aragorn to the care of Brunnhilde.


Solo D4, Buddy D8, Team D6


Mount of the Black Knight/Valkyrie, Seen It All, Winged Stallion

Power SetsEdit


Enhanced Reflexes D8, Enhanced Stamina D8, Enhanced Strength D8, Enhanced Speed D8, Flight D8

SFX: Aerial Acrobat. Step up or double Flight when using it to perform aerial stunts.

SFX: Destrier. If a pool includes a Genetic Enhanced Horse power, you may replace two dice of equal size with a die one step larger.

SFX: Second Wind. Before making an action including a Genetic Enhanced Horse power, you’re your physical stress die to the doom pool/spend a doom die the same size or larger than current physical stress to recover it and step up the Genetic Enhanced Horse power for this action.

SFX: Versatile. Split Enhanced Speed or Flight into 2D6.

Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any Genetic Enhanced Horse power to gain 1 PP/step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a D6 doom die. Activate an opportunity to recover that power.

Limit: Mount. Shut down Affiliation dice, Distinctions and Specialties of Aragorn. Add its power set to a character. Aragorn has its own physical stress track. Physical stress received by a character riding Aragorn may be shifted to physical stress for Aragorn for free. If it becomes stressed out shut down Aragorn. Shutdown Aragorn and gain 1 PP/add a D6 doom die or step up the lowest die in the doom pool. Take a recovery action to reactivate.


Acrobatic Expert D8, Combat Expert D8, Cosmic Expert D8, Mystic Expert D8, Wilderness Expert D8

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