(by MidnightBlue; Edited by LucioHord)
Scott Lang (Earth-616) 0002

Real Name: Scott Lang (Secret)

AFFILIATIONS: Solo – D10 Buddy – D8 Team – D6

DISTINCTIONS: Yeah, well I beat up Doctor Doom once! Criminal Past Reluctant Hero



Shrinking – D10 Reflexes – D10 Senses -- D8 Strength -- D8

SFX – One Millimeter Punch: Spend 1 PP to step up one effect dice when targeting one opponent for a melee attack.

SFX -- Richochet: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each target. Spend 1PP to add Confused Complication at D6 to each target hit.

Limit: [Gear] - Shutdown Pym Particles and add 1 PP. Roll against the Doom Pool to recover.


Insect Control – D10 Wrist Blasts -- D8

SFX -- Tony Give Me A Ride: So long as Antman is shrunken, he has the Flight trait at D8.

SFX -- Build Me Something Guys: Antman may have his ants build him a miniature construct.

SFX -- Ant Swarm: Add a D6 or step up lowest die in dice pool when rolling against an opponent, then shutdown Insect Control. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene

Limit - [Gear] - Shutdown Antman Suit and add 1 PP. Roll against the Doom Pool to recover.

SPECIALTIES: Business Expert – D8 Tech Master – D10 Security Expert D8 Covert Expert D8 Crime Expert D8

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